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5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Regional/OTR Career Truck Driver

Just like putting fuel in a truck, bodies can start to run on empty too. When you’re a career truck driver you may start to regret the dreams of the open road. That’s why you need to work for a company like Osborn Son & Trucking where they have a driver-first culture. Truck driving hours aren’t your “normal” 9-5. Here are five tips to avoid burnout.   

#1 Have Dedicated at-Home Time 

Lack of regular family time in the trucking industry is a known challenge but not at Osborn. Our orange trucks servicing the Midwest for LTL are home daily. For some people it’s getting time away from the screen, for a career truck driver it’s time off the road spent with those they love.  

#2 Align Sleeping with Natural Nighttime hours

According to the National Health Institute, good sleep improves brain performance, mood and health. Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of many diseases and disorders. When routes go overnight, like our Midwest to East Coast connection route, it’s important to keep regular sleep hours. Osborn trucks weren’t just designed to look good but for the comfort of the driver. Each cab has a bed to rest on the road.   

#3 Set Realistic Dietary Goals 

If truck driving hours have you up early, it may be tempting to reach for an energy drink. While they may be marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation, they don’t mention the eventual sugar crash you’ll inevitably have by consuming 80% of your daily intake of sugar in one glass. Take small steps, get a large coffee instead of an energy drink and ask for sugar-free syrup if you add flavor.  

#4 Remember the Importance of Breaks 

You know your limits, take advantage of rest areas for bathroom breaks, healthy snacks, and a bit of exercise. Do you know how many steps it takes to walk around your truck? Find out at your next break.  

#5 Don’t Skip Vacations 

Paid time off is one of the benefits of truck driving at Osborn. Rest, recharge, and potentially exploring new destinations is invaluable. Take the paid time off so you can return to the road rejuvenated.  

Drive for Osborn

At Osborn, we encourage truck drivers to prioritize self-care and well-being. We’re hiring in Wisconsin. Are you interested in an OTR position? Contact us today.