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Founded in 1898 and Still Trucking  

From a horse-drawn wagon to a fleet of semis

In 1898, Freeman Osborn began his own hauling business, Osborn Express, after working for someone else and knowing he could do it better.

Freeman delivered anything to anyone in the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, area. He and his horse hauled trunks from the railroad station, made runs from feed mills and bakeries, removed ashes from residential homes and hauled produce. Whatever someone needed moved, Freeman moved it. Things got a bit easier when a used motorized “truck” was purchased. 

Today, Osborn & Son Trucking hauls mostly liquor, cheese and meats between Wisconsin, New York/New Jersey and Kentucky. Eric Van Handel currently owns Osborn & Son Trucking after purchasing it from Dean and Sandy Osborn in 2021. Eric also serves as President of Midwest Carriers in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, a refrigerated truckload and local company with over 200 employees.

Osborn has earned a very positive reputation in the trucking industry. We believe in quality service at a fair price. We believe in keeping our equipment in top shape and looking good. And we believe Freeman would be proud.

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Osborn & Son Trucking 
Through the Years 

  • 1898
    Osborn Hauling business is started by Freeman Osborn

    In 1898, Freeman Osborn began his own hauling business, Osborn Express, after working for someone else and knowing he could do it better.

  • 1928
    Charles Osborn inherits the family business

    Upon Freeman’s death in 1928, his son, Charles, who was working with him, took over the business.

  • 1936
    A refrigerated trucking line begins

    In 1936, Charles’ son Gilbert joined the business. By this time, they’d added “refrigerated” trucking, hauling ice cut from Lake Winnebago to customers in the Fond du Lac area.

  • 1948
    Osborn & Son Trucking is incorporated

    In 1948, Osborn & Son Trucking was incorporated after Gilbert returned from serving in the U.S. Navy. Another offering was added to the already thriving company—warehousing. Built on West Johnson Street, their warehouse stored furniture and rented space to companies such as Giddings & Lewis.

  • 1950’s
    Fond du lac to Milwaukee route is established

    In the early 1950s, Charles and Gilbert bought a truck to haul beer for a Schlitz® distributor. They established a route hauling beer from Milwaukee to Fond du Lac. About this same time, Charles’ son, Donald, joined the team.

  • 1972
    Gilbert and Donald take over

    With Charles passing in 1972, Gilbert and Donald carried on. A year later, Gilbert retired and Donald’s wife, Kathy, took over office duties.

  • 1974
    Donald’s sons join the company

    In 1974, Donald’s son, Dennis, started driving. Three years later in 1977, his second son, Dean, began.

  • 1984
    Sandy starts dispatching and bookeeping for Osborn Trucking
  • 1986
    Formation of Osborn & Associates / Three-D Brokers, Ltd.

    Because of the company’s growth, and due to the need for asset protection, the mid-eighties found Osborn Trucking splitting and forming another corporation, Osborn & Associates of Fond du Lac, Inc. Osborn & Son continued the long-distance trucking, while Osborn & Associates did local trucking and warehousing. In 1986, another corporation, Three-D Brokers, Ltd., was formed, enabling freight to be brokered to other trucking companies. Excess loads could then be given to trucking companies registered with Three-D. Again, because of rapid growth, a small warehouse was rented in New Jersey for freight consolidating.

  • 1991
    Osborn Trucking is purchased by Dean and Sandy

    In 1991, Dean and Sandy purchased Osborn Trucking and Three-D Brokers from Don, Kathy and Dennis. Later that year, Osborn & Son moved to a new warehouse alongside Highway 41 in Fond du Lac.

  • 2021
    Osborn Purchased by Eric Van Handel

    In March of 2021 Eric Van Handel purchased Osborn & Son Trucking and Three-D Brokers from Dean and Sandy Osborn with plans for continued growth.