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Top Considerations for Using Refrigerated LTL Shipping

Have a time-sensitive shipment that’s less than a truckload? Have food-related items that require refrigeration? Osborn’s team is ready to keep your goods safe and delivered on time. With our own freight management, climate technology and added benefits of refrigerated LTL, we make using our transportation services an easy choice.

How Reliable is Refrigerated Truck Transport?

Whether you have a single pallet or a not-quite-full truckload, Osborn has expert logistics for LTL freight shipping. You can rest assured your goods will make it to the final destination timely and efficiently. With over a 99 percent success rate, we’re poised for transporting perishable items across the Midwest and East Coast.

Added Benefits of LTL Delivery

When you choose refrigerated truck transport you don’t want to go with just any carrier. Last month, we warned about double brokering, highlighting just one of the many reasons why our investment in our freight management arm means better logistics for your freight shipping and arrival times. And our top technology means your goods arrive at temperature. If that’s not enough fodder for the pro column, there are three notable added benefits to refrigerated LTL with Osborn:

Flexible Cost

Shipping with Osborn is cost-effective since you share truck space with other food-related distributors. Regardless of weight size or special requirements, we can provide time-sensitive shipments. All we ask is that you have it ready for us. Having your load packed on pallets allows our drivers to get it on the truck and hit the road!

Environmentally Conscious

The hottest days in recorded history we have experienced recently are good reminders that LTL freight shipping also benefits the environment. By packing our trucks with multiple distributors for their less-than-truckload shipments, we cut down on carbon emissions and save on fuel expenses. It’s a win-win all around!

Equipment quality

Osborn started in 1898 hauling loads in a horse-drawn wagon and equipment has come a long way since then. We believe in keeping our equipment in top shape and looking good. In the 87 years since our refrigerated truck line began, we’ve been able to build a reputation and equipment technology you can trust.

How Does Freight Stay Cold During Refrigerated Truck Transport?

Our bright orange tractors and trailers were designed for sensitive goods. Shipping mostly meats, cheeses, and liquors, our drivers continuously monitor the trailer temperature with a real-time alert system. We adhere to rigorous industry standards to keep products at a consistent temperature range until they reach their destination.
Our cargo bed technology is climate controlled to deliver perishable products safely. All our efforts focus on the integrity of your delivered product, on your timeline.

Ready to Ship Your Refrigerated LTL?

Our conscientious drivers are standing by to deliver your load! Request a quote today and we’ll get back to you with a rate for your freight.