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Shifting gears: Women in trucking are inspiring an industry

Women are taking the driver’s seat.

Truck driving isn’t just a career path for men. According to the Women in Trucking Association Index, the number of female truck drivers is climbing, with women drivers now making up 13.7% of over-the-road drivers. At a time when the trucking industry is challenged with driver shortages, the news is good.  

At Osborn, we know women are some of the safest drivers on the road. We’re focused on opening more doors for female truck drivers, knowing women also bring diverse perspectives and important problem-solving skills needed on the road. 

Read on to learn why—from travel opportunities to equal pay—women in trucking is on the rise and now is a great time to change lanes with an OTR trucking job. 

Trucking jobs offer exciting careers for women.

Trucking jobs for women support changing family dynamics. 

Osborn has a long list of strong women drivers behind the wheel, including female truck drivers whose children are grown, whose spouse takes an active role in parenting, and those desiring work that takes them “outside the box.”

Trucking jobs offer exciting careers for women.

Trucking companies like Osborn know the benefit of women in trucking. Data from the American Transportation Research Institute shows female truck drivers are safer, drive more miles, and are more likely to stay in OTR trucking jobs than men. In return, Osborn offers benefits for women drivers that are equal to their male peers. OTR drivers can expect to earn over $100K annually! And Osborn offers full benefits that activate 30 days after you join the team, on the first of the month. 

Truck driving offers flexible careers for women.

Not all jobs let women be mom, aunt, wife, and all the things you want be outside of work. We’ve heard from female truck drivers that they made the shift to a flexible driving job with Osborn because it doesn’t require missing the important things.

Flexible, Safe, Healthy: Women can hit the road with Osborn.

Good trucking companies remove barriers and recognize their female truck drivers. Osborn has employed many women drivers over the years, and VP Sarah Schwobe and Director of Operations Nicki Drentlaw are two of our inspiring women in trucking leaders. Here’s why women come to work for Osborn—and stay. 

Driver-focused trucking company 

Osborn is cultivating a driver-focused culture where women drivers are valued at every mile in the journey.

Full transition pay 

There’s no lost paycheck while you transition to Osborn.

Benefits soon after you start 

Drivers get full benefits, including health insurance, 401K contribution, and paid time off.

Higher pay and miles you need 

OTR drivers can make over $100K a year with Osborn, and our drivers make 37% above industry average. Our top driver earned $115,501 last year, including mileage bonuses. 

Join Osborn’s motivated team of women in trucking!

Osborn is growing our group of talented female truck drivers and are ready to support you in your transition to a flexible driving job with competitive pay and benefits. We’re here to answer questions about our application process, driver-focused culture, orientation, routes and trucks.

Ready to change lanes? Contact our driver employment specialists at 800-876-4330.