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About Osborn & Son

In 1898, Freeman Osborn began his own hauling business after working for someone else and knowing he could do it better. This is something that still holds true today. Osborn & Son Trucking feels they can do it better.

Freeman delivered anything to anyone in the Fond du Lac area. He and his horse hauled trunks from the railroad station, made runs from feed mills and bakeries, removed ashes from residential homes, and hauled produce. Whatever someone needed moved, Freeman could move it. Things got a bit easier when a used motorized “truck” was purchased. Upon Freeman’s death in 1928, his son, Charles, who was working with him, took over the business. Sometime in the 1930’s, Charles began hauling for Giddings & Lewis. This consisted mostly of local hauling but they did make some trips outside Wisconsin. In 1936, Charles’ son Gilbert joined the business. By this time, they had added “refrigerated” trucking, hauling ice cut from Lake Winnebago to customers in the Fond du Lac area. Charles and Gilbert were also known for furniture moving.

In 1942, Gilbert took leave to serve in the U.S. Navy. When he returned in 1948, Osborn & Son Trucking was incorporated. At this point, they added another dimension to the already thriving company – warehousing. A warehouse was built on West Johnson Street, storing furniture and renting space to companies such as Giddings & Lewis. In the early 1950’s, Charles and Gilbert bought a truck to haul beer for a Schlitz distributor. They established a route hauling beer from Milwaukee to Fond du Lac. About this same time, Charles’ son, Donald, joined the team. In 1954, another warehouse was built on Sibley Street and rented by the Schlitz distributor.

With Charles passing in 1972, Gilbert and Donald carried on. The moving business was phased out and a garbage disposal service was pursued and later sold in 1989. In 1974, Donald’s son Dennis started driving. In 1977, his second son Dean began. A year later, Gilbert retired and Don’s wife, Kathy, took over office duties. In 1984, Dean’s wife Sandy started dispatching and later moved into the bookkeeping aspect.

Because of the company’s growth and due to the need for asset protection, the mid-eighties found Osborn & Son Trucking splitting and forming another corporation, Osborn & Associates of Fond du Lac, Inc. Osborn & Son continued the long distance trucking, while Osborn & Associates did local trucking and warehousing. In 1986, another corporation, Three-D Brokers, Ltd., was formed, enabling freight to be brokered to other trucking companies. Excess loads could then be given to trucking companies registered with Three-D. Again, because of rapid growth, a small warehouse was rented in New Jersey for freight consolidating. In 1991, Dean and Sandy purchased Osborn & Son Trucking and Three-D Brokers from Don, Kathy, and Dennis. Later that year, Osborn & Son moved to a new warehouse alongside Highway 41 in Fond du Lac.

Today, Osborn & Son Trucking has 20 tractors and 37 trailers hauling cheese, spice, and liquor between Wisconsin and New York/New Jersey. Dean oversees the business while Sandy does the bookkeeping. Scott Degner handles the east coast. Mike Vollrath takes care of the Midwest. Sarah Gieschen does all the billing, permitting, and reporting. Dean and Sandy’s son, Charley, graduated college and now drives truck full-time. Someday he will come into the office to learn the business operations. Their daughter, Kristina, graduated college and has taken over Human Resources and Safety. She is currently learning the accounting aspects of the business. Dean and Sandy’s youngest child, Samantha, also works full-time.

With a partnership in New Jersey, they occupy two warehouses for a total of 240,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled storage. Osborn & Son and Three-D have earned very positive reputations in the trucking industry. We believe in quality service at a fair price. We believe in keeping our equipment in top shape and looking good. We also believe Freeman would be proud.

About Three D Brokers...

Osborn & Son Trucking was experiencing a boom in business with the specialized service provided from New Jersey and additional beer runs from Memphis. Rather than filing tariffs and filling out trip leases, a new corporation was formed. Three-D Brokers, Ltd. began business in March, 1986. With this new company, Osborn & Son Trucking is able to broker loads to other trucking companies. These other trucking companies must have their certificates of authority and insurance on file with Three-D before any load can be picked up.

Three-D Brokers has developed a very positive business relationship with all of its customers and carriers. We are known for our prompt response to any shipment problem that may arise. Our turnaround time for paperwork is one of the best in the business. All shipments are tracked from pickup to delivery.


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